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weather to the west of us and we'll see some rain but only in the overnight hours. so get out today and do whatever you need to do. because the unsettled weather pattern is sticking around for the next day or so that we'll have to deal with that, once we get past today. otherwise not doing too bad as far as our temperatures are concerned. right now we're into the 50s and the upper 40s. 50 degrees at dulles. 52 at d.c. 50 degrees at baltimore. winds are fairly light as well. we don't have to deal with them at all today. we're going to be fairly nice with a northerly flow. so cooler today than yesterday. so be prepared for that. but overall not bad. a northerly wind from 5-10 miles per hour, partly sunny for this morning, increasing clouds this afternoon and that's all ahead of the frontal system that is to the south of us going to gradually move to the north and as i said, as we move through into tonight in the overnight hours, that's when we are expecting to see the rain return. so just be prepared if you are doing anything in the late hours, you'll need your umbrella so keep it handy and
away from the stricken plant. they are then tested for radiation exposure. japan is using a helicopter to dump water on the reactors and u.s. scientists are joining the effort to help prevent a full meltdown. >> we are first and foremost focused now on helping in any way we can to help the japanese government and the power company contain -- cool down the reactors and contain it and stop the leaking. >> reporter: u.s. helicopters are still flying in relief suppliesment on the ground search continues for survivors as the death toll markets. and the stock market rebounded after two dismal days. u.s. markets may follow the trend today but with both the nuclear crisis and a humanitarian disaster, jap an will face years of recovery. japan's defense ministry said the water drops seen on tv were a drill and there are no plans to dump water on the to the nuclear reactors. damages are now estimated between $150 up to nearly $200 billion and that's without the possible nuclear meltdown. allison and tony. >> sherry ly, thank you so much. >>> the priority is keeping the fuel rods cool. friday's ea
's in contact with her siblings on a regular basis. she probably talks to at least one of us almost daily. >> decker's husband is serving in afghanistan. he was home for the month of january and returned to the war zone in early february. joining us to talk more about the case is captain ken prat of the loudoun county sheriff's department. captain, good morning. i know you're holding a press conference about this later on today and thank you for joining us to talk about it. can you tell us what latest is on the case? >> the latest is that we're trying to gather as many leads as possible. any information that we can get from not only the relatives but also friends and then perhaps acquaintances, classmates of bethany, so that we can follow- up and try to establish a better time line of what has occurred not only before january 29th, but also through february 19th an up to date on -- and up to date on bethany's whereabouts. >> and this timeline, bethany was last seen january 29th. she wasn't reported missing until february 19th. that's a considerable amount of time. is that unusual and doe
for radiation exposure. japan is using helicopters to dump water on the reactors and scientists are helping to prevent a meltdown. >> we are first and foremost focusing helping any way we can to help the japanese government and the power company contain -- cool down the reactors and contain it and stop the leaking. >> reporter: u.s. helicopters are still flying in relief supplies. on the ground the search continues for survivors as the death toll quickly climbs. the good news for japan, the stock market there rebounded after two dismal days. u.s. markets may follow the trend today but with both a nuclear crisis and a humanitarian disaster, japan will face years of recovery. >> reporter: damages from the earthquake and tsunami are estimated between 150 and $200 billion without a possible nuclear meltdown. >> sherry, thank you very much. >>> let's get more information on the nuclear problems in japan. >> joining us now by phone, neal cheehan from the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> we are looking at new assessments of this explosion and the
and those of us mont on the cc getting thoroughly updated and a chance to ask questions. >> we are still working hard and there is good intentions on both sides and hopefully with good intentions we'll get something done. >> reporter: now here is the thing. even though the deadline is very close and they may not come to an agreement, that doesn't necessarily mean we're looking at a lockout. they could agree to extend the deadline and continue negotiating so that is a possibility here. we'll have to wait and see how negotiations go later on today. back to you guys in the studio. >> sarah, thank you very much. >>> in other news, hundreds of nurses will go on strike tomorrow at the d.c. region's largest hospital. 1600 nurses at washington hospital center plan to walk off the job for 24 hours in a contract dispute over wages, benefits, staffing and patient safety. the hospital has been securing replacements and said every unit will be fully staffed. though the strike is only called for one day from 7:00 a.m. tomorrow until 7:00 a.m. saturday, hospital officials say striking nurses will not b
see that across the eastern u.s., quite a variety of temperatures. binghamton, new york, 28 degrees. there is snow falling in new england this morning. and cape hatteras, 62 degrees. so not bad at all. the forecast for today, a lot of clouds. we'll have periods of rain and showers and then maybe this afternoon some thunderstorms, some of which could be strong. look for a high in d.c. today in the upper 50s and down to the south into the 60s. that's a look at the weather. now another check on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >>> a couple of things have popped up on us on the roads. on the outer loop from springfield in the direction of the wilson bridge, accident right here along the right side of the road. they are in the process of moving it. it is behind the overhead sign but they are in the process of moving it to the right shoulder. until that happens, big delays from van dorn over to eisenhower past the scene. then as you can see, the pace improves headed for the wilson bridge. but it's bunched up as you travel f
think today will be quiet and thursday and friday mostly quiet. some impulses bringing us a chance of rain here and there. cooler days are ahead after today. high today in the 60s but after that we'll be in the 50s for a couple of days and even cooler. more sunshine toward the latter part of the week. here are the current temperatures around the region. 52 degrees in washington. 50 in ab app list -- annapolis. 47 in martinsberg, west virginia and in fredericksberg it is 59. look for partial sunshine this morning and clouds during the course of the afternoon and tonight. chance of rain late tonight but during the daytime we are dry and highs in the low to mid- 60s. we'll have more shortly and rights now let's go to julie wright and get an update on traffic. >>> a lot going on. unfortunately we have received word of a fatal crash that will tie-up your commute on brandywine road between cedarville road and baden westville road. the big story this morning is the baltimore washington parkway. the accident involving the overturned vehicle northbound before the exit for 95. some traffic i
back today as high pressure will keep us temporary dry. but you can see the cloudiness associated with the systems moving through the washington area. so we'll go with a partly to mostly sunny day today and again it will be cooler. a cold front came through yesterday and that's going to hold the temperatures down just a little bit this afternoon. currently 41 at reagan national. 33 out at dulles. still cold out to the west. harrisonburg is 31 degrees. and in ocean city this morning, 40. our highs later in afternoon will vary but in the upper 40s and low 50s. there you go, mostly sunny skies this afternoon. partly sunny and cooler than yesterday. yesterday upper 50s, today upper 40s and low 50s. more details on the forecast. it gets better from here. wait until you see the five-day and i'll have that for you coming up. allison. >>> we continue to follow the deadly earthquake and tsunami in japan this morning. the official death toll now standing at 2800 but some estimate that could go as high as 10,000. >> the country has experienced more than 150 aftershocks. most recent a 6.2 ear
to check them out and tell us about the weather. >> reporter: a beautiful start to the day. a little chilly. a breeze out of the north and northwest and feelings just came back to my fingers a few minutes. but with sunshine, we're expecting high temperatures in the mid-50s and this is the nicest day of the week to get down here. peak blossoms start today, about 70%. and they'll be peaking over the next couple of days so get on down here later this afternoon. let's get going with a start and take a look at the temperatures. and after bottoming out in the 20s and low 30s, we're rebounding. in the mid 30s in the area. 36 at reagan national. 34 at both dulles and bwi marshall. but again the temperatures will jump a good 10 degrees by the noon hour and we'll be in the 50s later today. satellite radar, a lot of clear skies in the forecast. and you can see in our live shot down here, we have bright blue sky this morning. and we're expecting that to continue for most of the day today. now as we get into the late afternoon, as we open up the satellite radar, you'll see out to the west some cloudines
. >> reporter: police in new haven, connecticut, say u.s. marshalls arrested the suspected east coast rapist on the city street in the middle of friday afternoon without incident. back in december of 2009, investigators from four different states concluded through dna evidence that one suspect had been raping and attacking women since 1997. new haven police identified the suspect as 39-year-old aaron thomas. >> he was charged with sexual assault in the first-degree, burglary in the first-degree and risk of injury to a minor, with a $1 million cash bond. he was also charged as a fugitive for justice in the prince william county case with charges of two counts of rape, abduction and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony in the first-degree. >> reporter: the prince william county case is the most recent attacks. on halloween 2009 three teenage girls trick or treated in this dale city neighbor and were accosted by a man with a gun and marched into nearby woods. two were raped. recently police established a website and billboards to spark leads. it workedch a tipster called and thomas wa
in the chest. >> most of us remember just where we were when that happened, exactly where we were. the president was leaving a popular d.c. hotel at the time and fox 5's sarah simmons is outside of the washington hilton on connecticut avenue where it all happened. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tony and allison. it was 2:27 in the afternoon, it was march 30th, president ronald reagan was coming out of a v.i.p. entrance here at the hilton hotel. when he came out, there were a crowd of reporters and photographers and people waiting for him, hoping just catch a glimpse of the president. well along with the people in the crowd was a man who wanted the president dead and now 30 years later, we are learning just how serious the situation was that day. >> there were two shots, bang, bang. and then a gap in time, but very minuscule. and then i hear four more shots. but i'm already moving on that first shot. >> reporter: jerry parr in the tan raincoat standing just behind the president was head of the secret service presidential detail at the time. after the shots rang out
as the president debated whether or not the u.s. could start arming rebel groups. >>> it was 30 years ago today that a gunman fired shots at president ronald reagan. a look back at that day and the only local tv interview with jim brady, the press secretary who suffered life-altering wounds in the assassination attempt. fox 5 morning news starts right now. >>> let's take a look outside as we look at traffic on the wilson bridge, early on this wednesday morning. it's march 30th, getting close to the end of the month. one more day left in this third month of the year. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. glad that you are with us today. and i seem to recall this is going to be the nicest day of the week. did i miss that. >> i think yesterday might have been. i think you might have missed it. >> i missed it. i was hoping for this day. >> but this might be the nicest moment of this particular day. >> there you go, live for the moment. enjoy the next few minutes, it's going to be nice. and then we have the changes. >> and it's done. >> and it's over. yesterda
that popped up near the icc working southbound along 95. the crew in sky fox still with us right now showing us the remains of the accident which has been cleared. so all lanes are open southbound along i-95. delays leaving 32 down toward the icc work zone. again chopper brad with a live shot working southbound this morning. no incidents to report now, lanes are open. bw parkway feeling the heat and slowdowns over there leaving 198 toward 197. back inside, southbound along 270, delays out of germantown past mva. slow from montrose toward the split. the outer loop congested. this is the accident off the ramp from the prince william parkway into the h.o.v. lanes headed north. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> the nuclear crisis in japan may have worsened overnight. >> another reactor fire has the government now there widening an evacuation zone and there are fears of a possible partial meltdown. sherry is tracking this from our news room. good morning, sherry. >> reporter: good morning. the situation in japan is deteriorating. u.s. and japanese scientists are trying to contain
. >> reporter: the u.s. isn't completely off the hook here, but this does help the president diminish the u.s. role over libya. our u.s. fighter jets doing heavy lifting could be over. they went along with the plan to lookdown libyan air space. >> we have agreed along with nato allies to transition, command, and control for the no- fly zone over libya to nato. >> reporter: it's an out for president obama who wanted to limit u.s. leadership in the libyan mission. but there are still some questions about what role nato will play protecting civilians. the u.s. military would still be responsible for going after the military on the ground. the most difficult and controversial mission in libya. there are some things that only the u.s. military can do. >> we will continue to apply the pressure we can through strikes on logistics and weapons capability to compel them to stop killing their own people. >> reporter: that mission could test the resolve of the united nations which called for the intervention in the first place. for critics of the president's leadership, this is e evidence of a weakened u
for the d.c. government. the exchange between sulaimon brown has kept the d.c. council busy. joining us is councilman and former mayor, marion berry. thank you for coming in this this driving rain. >> it was kind of messy. i know the back streets and i got here. >> you know the city inside out, for sure. tell me what's happening in your ward now. what would you say is the top priority? >> first of all, i'm going to give the state of the ward tonight at 8:00. my whole approach is going to be different this year. i use a lot of statistics, but i'm looking at the state of marion berry. how am i doing, mentally, emotionally. >> how are you doing? can you give us a preview? >> health point of view, i'm doing very well. celebrated two years of a kidney transplant. 15 years of prostate cancer. i was born a black boy in mississippi, in the delta, to two sharecroppers. lived in a house with no running water, no lights. had outhouses. and i grew up in those kind of conditions. i went to a school, a one-room school, 15, 16 students in it, in mississippi, segregated. and i overcame a lot of odds. t
with big names from the nationals organization, mike rizo and jim rigleman are joining us so stick around for those interviews. >>> and let's check out the opening day forecast. good news, it is nicer than it was a few short hours ago. >> well, there in the studio i'm sure it is. we still have the drizzle and temperatures in the 30s. is a cool, damp start to the day. i want to show you what is going on right behind me. rehearsals are underway for the opening day ceremony that's take place around noon. that is about the largest flag you will ever see being unfurled here on the field. if you look at the jumbotron, you can see what it looks like from another shot higher above nationals park. so they are rehearsing and there will be a variety of tributes to the military taking place and so they are rehearsing that and we'll show you this coming up in a little bit. >>> meanwhile, let's talk about the forecast. let me show you what is going on out here. we'll start with the radar images for the region. we have nothing showing up in terms of rainfall. what we do have is some drizzle here and the
on this thursday morning, march 17th, 2011. good morning and thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. happy st. patty's day. you'll be getting a pinch later. >> because i'm not wearing green? >> that's right. actually, let's do it now. tony perkins is checking him out to see if we should pinch him later. >> that wasn't a very good pinch. >> i'll be getting one too. >>> good morning, happy st. patrick's day. it's going to be fine as far as weather goes. let's jump right in. here is your forecast for today. i think you'll enjoy it. we'll see a fine amount of sunshine and very nice conditions through the day with the high temperatures well above normal. look from highs ranging from 62- 66 degrees. here is a look at the satellite radar for today. there are a few clouds here and there. but plenty of sunshine for sunrise which occurs in just a little bit. no rain for today. next chance of rain is late friday night and very early on saturday morning. right now reagan national airport reporting a temperature of 45 degrees. regulartive humidity 74%. winds out of the northwes
as we monitor metro. riders pay a lot of money to use buses and the rail and you tell us how you expect a safe, easy ride. if you do that, we can help keep metro accountable. send us your videos and e-mail to fox 5 metro at g-mail.com. >>> to a fox 5 follow-up, luxury suv's paid for by taxpayers and outrage continues in the district and one council member said an old law may have been broken. sarah simmons is live outside of the wilson building with more on this story. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. councilman tommy wells said he looked into it and found that maybe 42 sufficient's might be in violation of this old law passed in 2003. it has become such a mess, now councilman jack evans is looking to introduce legislation today to require all of these leased vehicles to be approved by the council except for the mayor. now you may remember former councilwoman carol swartz proposed a law eight years ago to stop the district from leasing or owning suv's. she said they were a waste of money and guzzle too much gas. the law passed in 2003 saying it restricted suffici
us about that in a moment. good morning, i'm tony perkins in for steve this morning. >> and i'm allison seymour. and we want to get right to tucker well news of how the rest of the day will shape up. we saw the picture, not too pretty. >> not pretty at all. we have fog across the area and cool temperatures. bring along a jacket. our highs today will struggle into the mid to upper 40s and still dealing with leftover rain. your hd radar showing activity breaking out as close as southwest washington, across southern side of the beltway. so all of this will be pushing east and then we still have pretty good rains to the south and west toward fredericksberg, east of culpeper. and this will be pushing into southern maryland in the next hour or so. so a few more showers and maybe steady rain to the south and then we'll see gradual clearing later on today. let's push on and we'll show you the satellite radar. you'll notice out to the west, a lot of cloud cover into ohio and indiana. but we're seeing breaks in kentucky and some of that will get into
in the making is one young tucker barnes. he joins us from the weather center. >> far too kind, allison. cold temperatures out there. yesterday we got cold overnight and when you head out of the door i know it looks sunny and bright but temperatures are cooler. and let's take a look. 30s and even 20s not too long ago in places like hagerstown where it's 30 degrees. frederick is 34. here in washington we're 34. and a little warmer to the south and east, ocean city is 38. a much cooler day than yesterday. it will be beautiful, especially bright sunshine throughout the day but with high temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s, to the south, this will be more typical early march weather. it is march 1st. this satellite radar, shower activity and our frontal system off the coast. that's out of hoar. and with high pressure building in, it will be quiet around here for the next couple of days. although temperatures will be on a bit of a rollercoaster, up and down for the next couple of days. here is your forecast. this one was easy. cooler and 50 degrees. winds out of the north at 5-10. breezy this
starts right now. >> why do i think tucker used the word gnarly in that picture. >> i haven't used that word in 25 years. >>> this is mar 8, 2011, thank you for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. naturally. how would you describe the forecast. >> i was a younger man. it was in then, allison. >> we're the same age. >> let's get to the weather forecast and can i get that right. we have cold temperatures across the area. sunshine and highs today in the 50s. 34 degrees in downtown washington at reagan national. humidity 59%. light winds today, another story. no winds to speak of. pressure is way up, 30.45 inches. no problems today. morning sunshine and clouds moving in this afternoon. and then we have a vigorous storm system developing out to the west. you can see that out toward st. louis at this hour. all of that headed in our direction. and when it gets in here late in the day tomorrow, tomorrow night and thursday, we're going to get some very heavy rains around here, sort of reminiscent of what we had during the day on sunday. because of that we have the
th. authorities have been searching for her since then. loudoun county sheriff steve simpson joins us in studio this morning with more on this case. sheriff, thank you for coming in. we did speak to your department a few weeks ago but some time has gone by. have there been new developments or leads in this case? >> we're looking for information from anybody who may have some. i think obviously someone we have probably already talked to or interviewed by this case probably has information about the case they have not come forward with yet. so we're looking for anything. the longer the time frame goes by where she's been missing, the more serious it gets and obviously the more likelihood there is foul play involved. at this point we still have a missing person. and we don't know the circumstances, we don't know if she's somewhere of her own free will or if there is foul play involved. we kind of suspect that. the longer the time period goes by, the more likely that is. >> and you suspect it and we understand it with the amount of time that has gone by but there is no real evidence at th
us. 9:00. we want to find out what is going on with our weather. tucker barnes is downstairs in the weather center with that. >> good morning. st. patrick's day kicking off with sunshine and a beautiful afternoon. not typical this time of year. temperatures will be in the middle 60s with bright sunshine. here you go. your official st. pat's day forecast. very nice, sunny and mild. temperatures a good 10 degrees above where they should be. mid-60s this afternoon. and unlike yesterday when the sun was here and there, we should have bright sunshine for most of the day today. so nice looking forecast. here is a picture of your satellite radar and you can see very quiet weather across the area, just a few clouds in the mountains out to the west but we should be in for dry weather today and mostly sunny skies. if you look out to the west into indiana and ohio, not much going on. so tomorrow the nice weather trend continues. in fact about 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. so get ready for a couple of beautiful days. a mild afternoon and 65 degrees. you're reading it right. winds out of th
't adding up. and then what gave us the break in the case was the forensic evidence, when we started analyzing that, it just didn't corroborate what we were being told. >> and the original story was at least that she had put out there were two masked assailants, that they had been beaten and also sexually assaulted, none of this is true? >> well the deceased victim had been beaten and killed. we believe that the injuries to mrs. norwood were self- inflicted and there is no indication right now there was anyone else involved but this is still an active investigation. we're not finished. but right now no indication of anyone else's involvement. >> any motive yet? it's hard to understand a crime like this, but are you closer to getting any motive? there were reports that maybe there was merchandise stolen or perhaps from mrs. norwood, but is there any motive? >> we're following up on all of that. we're interviewing all of the employees of the store to try to get an idea of what may be present here. so we're following up on all of that. >> earlier we reported, when we weren't sure of who
morning, thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. march 3rd, is that what you said? it's unbelievable. >> it feels like february. >> it sure is. tony is joining us with why it's so darn cool. >> it felt like april yesterday and feels like february today. we have a cold start to the day and then we get back to normal tomorrow and then above normal for a couple of days after that. you know how it goes, folks. up and down this time of the year. 28 degrees in the nation's capital. 26 in baltimore. dulles airport is at 26. patuxent naval air station is at 30. in winchester, it is 24 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the region. you'll see clouds down to the south. we have a few clouds across our skies. not a lot though. mostly sunny skies again today. cloud cover and precipitation across the great lakes region with snow flying around up there. we will be precipitation-free for today. it will be a cold day though. we had highs in the 60s yesterday. these are your projected highs for today. they range from 38 degrees in fred
in case. >> all prepared during a back- up. >> no clicking while i'm working. >> we could use it this morning. we have some strong thunderstorms rolling through as we speak. want to show you the latest satellite radar image. the storms are racing through and pretty intense. producing gusty winds and hail and dime-sized hail and a lot of thunder and heavy rain. it's coming across the washington area right now. these storms are moving east southeast at 50-60 miles per hour. so they are racing through. but in the meantime, while we are under it, we're under the gun and feeling the full impact. and again we've been seeing a lot of lightning strikes here in northwest washington. we heard some very loud thunder and a very heavy downpour on our roof a few moments ago and there are a few to get through going back into northwestern maryland, places like that. so it will hang with us for a little while. some of the areas under the gun, washington, d.c., prince george's county will get more moving in. anne arundel county eventually, alexandria, arlington, fairfax, prince william, rappaha
there. monday morning, march 7th, 2011. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we do have several school delay due to overnight school and ice. you can see them on the top of your screen and on our website, in maryland, frederick and washington county schools delayed two hours. in virginia, page county schools delayed two hours. frederick county virginia and winchester city schools delayed one hour. >> to west virginia, hampshire county schools are closed. they had been delayed but hampshire schools are closed. this is because of ice. parding county and the elk garden district are delayed to hours. >> let's check in with tucker barnes and look at our forecast. things are starting to look brighter. >> bright sunshine across the area, steve, and that's the theme of the day. the snow is out of here and taking the cloud cover so we should have some sunshine for the first time since friday. let's show you the satellite radar. and can you see the snow shower activity long gone. we did get some measurable snow off to the north and west and temperatures are fal
and some humid air not too far away from us by mid to late afternoon. temperatures are going to be all over the place later today. the farther south you go, the warmer it will be. much warmer in places like fredericksburg, likely in the mid to upper 60s. currently 49. here in washington we're 45. but hagerstown is just 40 degrees. off to the north and east, wilmingtonton 38 and with a wedge of cool air. highs will struggle with 50 north and east of the city. there is your forecast, mostly cloudy skies, showers and thunderstorms likely again. some could be on the strong side late this afternoon and tonight. cooler than yesterday, 58 the daytime high. more details on the forecast in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> tucker, thank you. >>> and we begin with a news alert involving the commute on metro. there is no green line service right now between the congress heights and l'enfant plaza station. this is because of a track problem at anacostia. there is a shuttle bus between the effected stations and we've heard from several passengers from congress heights as a mess with hundreds of peopl
, 2011. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm alison seymour. flood warnings for some rivers. >> we showed you that view from tower cam earlier. somewhere way below that, out on the streets of d.c., tucker barnes with umbrella in hand. >> reporter: good morning. i'm wearing my christmas shoes. light steady rain. heavier about an hour ago. the rain will be with us for the morning commute. might get a break during the late morning. wait until this afternoon, that's when the heaviest rain will arrive. show you all the activity here. rain arrived last night. heaviest rain has been off to our east, towards prince george county, anne arundel county and across the bay. breaks to the west and south. to the west, lighter blues, and the rain is lightening up a little bit. that will move in by late morning here. i think the rain will lighten up temporarily, but more rain this afternoon. show you the next radar here, and notice to eastern kentucky, more rain showers. that's the cold front. when that gets here later today, the possibility of strong thunderstorms exists, and likely
us for a visit and we'll talk live with a singer who was voted off american idol last night. >> we'll check in with gwen. >> tucker picked a good day to be off, i'm telling you. fantastic weather. i'm happy to say, what a great way to start the day. a few cloud, but the ridge of high pressure to the south will clear those out. a day of mega sunshine. as far as the temperatures are concerned, we are doing very well. started off this morning, 512 degrees at both national and dulles airport. 53 degrees at baltimore. in our neighborhood, temperatures not too bad either. we are getting off to quite a bit of a warm start. 69 degrees in martins burg to the west. look at that. 67 in winchester, 55 degrees in gaithersburg. the wind are calm. they'll pick up a little bit in the afternoon so don't be surprised. overall today, temperatures in the low to mid- to even upper70s. spring in the air. >> thank you. >>> in the developing military action over in libya, perhaps says bombings could start within hours. the united nations last night approved a no fly zone. britain is sending jets to enfor
us more with the motorcycle and i and -- with the forecast. and it is cold out there. and i don't need to tell you that. temperatures in the 20s and low 30s. chilly one this afternoon with partly sunny skies and highs only in the middle 40s. right now 32 at reagan national. look at the 20s out there this morning. winchester is 29 degrees. frederick is 25. baltimore is 29 degrees. so plenty of cold air. again, we're going to see partly sunny skies and it should be a decent day today as we watch the storm system pass to the south and our south and west. here is your hd radar. some clouds moving through at the moment as we watch this storm system track off to the south. and you can see some snow shower activity not too far away and snow in portions of west virginia. that should track to the south. if you are toward charlottesville and richmond, but the brunt will move off shore quickly and we'll see sunshine. the average high is 60 and today in the mid to upper 40s. 47 in the city, 49 in fredericksberg. 45 the afternoon in hagerstown. >>> and let's do some on-time traffic with juli
on a plane in london and came to the united states. the document from udc shows us a trip from paris to cairo to paris. and we have the tickets and hotels for londor, how did you get back? >> i get back on the airplane. >> but the document you provide asked -- does not -- >> my office was given the receipts. i don't know. you're asking me what happens to paper when it goes into another process. i don't know what happens to the paperwork but i got back on the airplane. >> does it concern you that your financial bookkeeping has this financial hole in it? >> it concerns me that the financial management of this university and the system we are using are antique. they are 30 years old. we are putting in a new accounting system which will take care of everything from financial aid to travel. this -- the system here is a system that was old when i was in graduate school. it's not even supported any more. so what we're doing is trying to get that upgraded and we're upgrading it right now. >> president sessoms isn't done answering questions. he's been called to testify at an oversight hearing this mor
. into the west and into ohio and indiana, that rains associated with the front tall system which will bring us a rather cloudy and rainy weekend. we'll worry about that. but right now, partial nine. more details on that forecast in a minute. let's check on traffic. julie wright has the check for you. >> we have some good news. a tractor trail are near the volvo dealership on goody drive, lapse are now open. better rides if you travel on north bound 355 leaving goody drive. southbound still doing the double nickel out of rockville. this is the northbound side at 395 at ken street. before you reach king street. you're going to find this incident is tying the left side of the highway. no incident to report at this time as you tip to work your way north bound across the inbound 14th street bridge. we have the lanes open with no incidents to report. as you travel in bound, new york avenue. here come the sun for you guys. expect some delays leaving the anacostia. that's a check on traffic. >>> our top stories both involve leak issues. at washington hospital center, nurses are on strike. the nfl will
. and tony perkins has been there all morning and joins us now with more on what you can expect if you are headed out to the park today. tony, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. what you can expect is a lot of opening day festivities getting underway. the game itself is at 1:05 against the atlanta braves. before that, pregame starts at noon. gates open at 10:30. here is a little rundown on what is going on here today. once the game -- the gates open, there is plenty to do. if you've been here, you know that. stuff for the kids to do. obviously they've got the new hall of fame that is in place here. and of course all of the food vendors as well. now after that, the pregame ceremonies are honoring the military. and in fact the first pitch today is being thrown out by five members of the armed forces, right around game time. that is in honor of those serving overseas and military families overseas and here at home. mayor gray will be here and will make the "play ball" announcement later on this morning. so there is a lot happening. game time itself at 1:05. i agree wi
. that won't get in here, but a disturbance to our north will bring us some clouds. it will be a lot nicer than during the day yesterday. temperatures were cool, but not cold. 40 at reagan national. winds are out of the northwest at 12. bring along a jacket today. our highs this afternoon will be in the middle 50s. partly sunny skies. could be a scattered shower. 54 degrees. winds out of the west. let me add that we still have flood warnings for frederick county and the pennsylvania toe pick. >> we have the crew over this crash in the beltway. if you're traveling the outer loop, you're going to find the accident activity. let's take that shot. if you're traveling the beltway at 495, we have the right side of the roadway blocked. traffic is squeezing by using the two left lanes. a lot of activity on both sides of the highway and median and on the right side. you'll find delays traveling northbound from at least 450. this is also going to affect kendall worth. coming south on the parkway, you'll miss all of this. no problems reported on the parkway. back inside. getting to the traffic lights
chairman brown is in studio with us and will join us. morn the latest on the charlie sheen saga. we'll tell you why his kids were removed from his home. and take a look at the new way he's reaching out to hi fans. >>> fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> a nice start to the day. as we look at the national cathedral, it's going to be a nice wednesday. it's march 2nd, 2011. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. happy you're along on a wednesday morning. tony perkins is standing by with a look at the weather. it's all right. >> i think it's going to be a nice day today. we're getting off to a cold start. it's a little breezy so giving us windchills in the upper 20s but later on today we'll see mild conditions and comfortable temperatures above normal. so it will be nice. right now reagan national reporting a temperature of 36 degrees. relative humidity is at 57%. so that's not bad. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite radar. there isn't much to show you on the sat-rad. there are a couple of clods -- clouds out t
last night, the president strongly defending the u.s. military action in libya. >> he gave the speech at the national defense university in the district and as doug luzader reports, the president also laid down some limits. >> reporter: the president waited nine days to deliver this speech, defending his actions and explaining why this intervention matters to the united states. with u.s. tomahawk cruise missiles still launching off libya shores, president obama said he had little choice but to step in. >> as president, i refuse to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> reporter: libian leader moammar gadhafi was on the eve of touching off a massacre he said. the president made his case at the national defense university before an audience of military leaders. nato, he said, has already taken away much of the u.s. burden in libya but the u.s. military is still playing an active role, helping libian rebels claw background lost to gadhafi forces. and while the president called gadhafi a tire ant who needs to leave, he said the military will stop short o
. take us through the steps when the sirens sounded in the middle of the night and how you evacuated. >> the first one was going to go off at midnight. they set it off at 10:00 for every hour to give everyone a lot of warning. so there's been plenty of warning for everyone here. >> is this a mandatory evacuation? >> they actually had the police officers were going through the neighborhoods making sure everyone evacuated. they also had people helping get everyone out. >> this was not routine for hawaii, but you have had tsunami warnings before. >> for some reason, i had a feeling that this one was going to be real and probably just more damaging. so it's been really hard to sleep all night because i've been watching the news just waiting. we just saw pictures that the ocean receded about a hundred yards into the ocean. no one has ever seen that before here on the islands. it's pretty scary to see the water go back into the ocean. you can see the reef and coral. it's pretty scary. >> we have seen some of the pictures there from khon out there in hawaii. what we're hearing from people t
. humidity is 86%. and winds are out of the east at 6 miles an hour. and the pressure is still up. keeping us dry for a few more hours. under a flood watch which goes into effect later tonight, all of the counties in green, and that does not include southern maryland in the lower eastern shore but most of the area under a flood watch and in addition a coastal flood watch, the concern is the western shore of the chesapeake bay and the potomac could have flooding conditions during the overnight hours and during the day tomorrow as tides are likely to be running one to two feet above normal. watch that as well. here is the forecast. cloudy skies, chance for afternoon rain. high temperature on the cool side, 49 degrees. more details on the weather in just a couple of minutes. allison, back upstairs to you. >> thanks, todd. now, to a developing story out of pennsylvania. seven young children killed in a late night fire at their farmhouse in blaine. and police say the fire broke out while their mother was in the barn. milking counties on the dairy barn and the dad was taking a nap in the delivery t
. it is march 18, 2011. good morning and thanks for joining us. >> we say good morning to our friend tony per kings because he has great news. yes, indeed. >> bring it on. >> it is going to be a nice day today, the warmest day of the week, probably the prettiest day of the week. this will set the stage for a cooler weekend. so let's enjoy today. let's take a look at what's going on. currently, 50 degrees in the district. yep, 50. not too bad for 7:00 in the morning. baltimore at 53. stevensville, 54 degrees and winchester, 64 degrees. there are some clouds out there. we'll see some clouds springled in the skies. 79 in fredericksburg. for the weekend, we do cool off for the weekend. the highs will be in the 50s to near 60 tomorrow. about 56 degrees on sunday. could see a few scattered showers early tomorrow morning but then mostly sunny by the afternoon. clouds build in late, the opposite of saturday the rain showers overnight sunday into monday. that's a quick look at what's happening with the weather. now let's find out what's happening on the area roadways. we have julie wright standing by.
in the atmosphere to the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: already the u.s. aircraft carrier ronald regan predicted radiation off shore. and this adds to the growing crisis. the death toll here is already in the thousands. but the devastation is so widespread it's impossible to say yet how many may have simply been swept away in all of this water. the search and rescue teams from the united states have arrived to help search for victims and back in washington the first call now for a halt on u.s. nuclear plant construction. >> not just stop building nuclear power plants but to put on the brakes now until we understand the ramifications of what is happening in japan. >> and the crisis is having an impact on the worldwide economy. the price of oil fell because japanese demand is expected to plummet. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> and we see minimal amount of radiation in our lives. in average we receive a radiation dose of 260 milli mem. half of that comes from the natural radiation in the air and smaller amounts from cosmic rays and the earth itself. the other half comes f
. >> tucker is with us this morning. seeing the beautiful sunrise. hopefully we'll get more sunshine today. >> good morning. hello, tony. >> good morning. playing some jams here. mix 107.3. jack diamond is off. carson has been doing the show for the last couple weeks and kind enough to invite me here. it's a weird feeling to see your face all over the place. we're having a lot of fun. we have some great stuff coming up. they are giving away tickets for rihanna and celo green. let's take a look at what's going on with the weather conditions around the region. we start with the bus stop forecast. we'll see a mostly sunny morning this morning. there are a few clouds out there, but a lot of sunshine. temperatures primarily in the 30s. check it out. right now in the district, we are at 32 degrees. it's 29 in baltimore. 25 in frederick. fredericksburg is at 31 degrees. your forecast today. a simple one. it's going to be cold. chilly. temperatures in the 40s. partly sunny skies through the day. mild wind out of the west. look for a high of about 48 degr
to the city. the 74 member crew are one of two search and rescue teams that the u.s. government has sent to japan. the other team is from los angeles. and now news of people being pulled from rubble alive. one was a 70-year-old woman found inside her home that had been washed away in the tsunami. rescuers pulled another man believed to be in his 20s from the rubble in a coastal city when they heard him calling for help. but now snow is on the way and temperatures below freezing, so survivors will have a slimmer chance of being found alive. tony, back to you. >> sherry, thank you very much. >>> of course getting help to the victims of the disaster in japan is an enormous effort and it's just beginning. relief organizations need you to pitch in. you can donate to victim this is morning by calling the phone bank at 202-895-3307. that is 202-895-3307. that number will be available until 10:00 a.m. you'll also find plenty of information about all of this on myfoxdc.com. >>> as the crisis continues, economists are focused on japan's markets. japan is the third largest economy in the world and
and we are here and now. if it was not them, it could be us. >> patients are sicker than they used to be but they have not beefed up the staffing for that. >> reporter: patient safety issue, they say there are not enough nurses here to support the work that needs to be done here. the one-day strike has become five days without work for all the nurses that chose to participate. of the hospital did bring on temporary workers and they're going to keep them here for five days. they told the nurses that that would happen, they will be locked out for the next five days. the hospital told us that out of the 300 workers scheduled to work, about half crossed the picket line and chose to come to work. i asked the union to confirm that. they did not have a new mexico. the hospital he is open for patient care. the most important thing that you need to know if you are heading down here this morning. reporting live, i'm stacey cohan. back to you. >> stacey, thanks. >>> and we are still talking about labor and, of course, that's the nfl. owners and players will be back to work and they got a litt
. >>> and in just the last couple of days recentless air strikes by u.s., british and french war planes have decimated gadhafi tanks and supply lines. the air attacks have cut them off and gadhafi forces are now in full retreat in the east. the rebels took the oil ports of bregga and rosslinoff and they are battling for control of gadhafi home town. >>> and we are getting reports that coalition home strikes are hitting gadhafi's home town. president will address the situation tonight at 7:30. >>> and we're getting word of more unrest in syria. riot police are firing tear gas on protestors again this morning. this is video of deadly crackdowns over the weekend. witnesses in one city reported hearing gunfire today after police in the coastal city there killed a dozen people over the weekend. now the government said 30 people have died in the last week but protestors say that number is more than 100. tony. >>> allison, more fallout from the nuclear disaster in japan. airborne radio active materials were first detected on the west coast, now an even more dilute amount has been found in maryland.
montgomery county, who watches us every morning. good morning, amanda. she says being fan of the day would certainly make her super happy. so we hope you're having a super happy day today. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook by searching for fox 5 morning news. no space between the word fox and the number five. and post a comment under amanda's photo. we will pick one of you to be tomorrow's facebook fan of the day. in the meantime, amanda, enjoy your day today. >>> that will do it for this hour of fox 5 morning news. one more hour to go. and gurvir dhindsa is joining us allison to take us up until 10:00. allison? >> thank you very much. a look at some of the stories we're working on for the 9:00 hour. fox 5 morning news. we're an hour away from the new school chancellor in dc and some speculation this morning, some speculation about who that person might be and we will tell you who it is expected to be at this announcement. >>> and also the scult space shuttle discovery will be making history in a few hours, it will be heading back to earth and retired.
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